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EPRÜ sai kutse osaleda WAPR  kongressil:

Dear all,

 as you know, the 11th World congress will be held in slightly less than one year, on the 10-13 November in Milan. The work is therefore starting to be intense and the program is assuming shape. Let me remind you that:

  • 1.  1.  your help in disseminating the congress in your countries and anywhere you can arrive is of crucial importance, and we rely very much on you;
  • 2.    2. we also rely on you to guarantee the traditional high quality of the WAPR congresses, by sending symposia, oral presentation and Meet the expert proposals. We already have several proposals for symposia from Italian groups but we strongly need proposals from other countries. The key topics are listed in the first announcement (here enclosed again) available in the website www.wapr2012.org.

We look forwards to hearing from you with suggestions, proposals and ideas.

Barbara D'Avanzo

Scientific Secretariat

2012 Milan WAPR Congress