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Project overview

Professional traineeship and employment of long-term unemployed persons, and unemployed persons with special psychological needs, with the support of case management and mentoring – Personal choices on the job market” (IVT-project)

Financing entity: European Social Fund, Measure 1.3.1 “Increasing the Availability of Qualified Labour Force”;

Project number: 1.3.0102.11-0330

Duration: 01.02.11-31.12.12

Cost: 307 684€

Applicant: MTÜ Estonian Psychosocial Rehabilitation Association – EPRA (NPO)

Co-operation partners

  • Psychiatric Nurses Association of the Estonian Nurses Union
  • Tartu University Hospital Foundation
  • Viljandi Hospital Foundation
  • Jõhvi Hospital Foundation
  • EPRA Experience Advisor Network
  • Finnish Central Association for Mental Health
  • Psychiatry Clinic of the North-Estonian Regional Hospital Foundation

Target group. Long-term unemployed persons, unemployed persons with special psychological needs of the working age, who have not found employment.

General objective of the project: Increasing the supply of qualified labour through a higher degree of employment of persons with special psychological needs in positions matching their abilities, by means of professional traineeship and support services.

Specific objectives of the project:

  1. Professional traineeship and support services (case management and mentoring) promote the involvement of long-term unemployed persons with special psychological needs in the society, increasing the self-esteem of such persons, and their readiness to enter the job market.  The project will involve 90 persons from the said target group.
  1. Through the professional traineeship and support services (case management and mentoring) the rate of employment will increase to 30% of the number of unemployed persons participating in the project.
  2. The co-operation and exchange of information within the co-operation network, incl. between agencies rendering public services and initiative groups, organised on the basis of self-initiative of the target group, is improved.

The project is intended, above all, for improving self-initiative based co-operation and exchange of information between agencies rendering public services and the target group.

Summary of the project activities

The project offers 90 persons with special psychological needs, who have been away from the labour market for a long period of time, a possibility to participate in an individual mentored programme, supporting the re-entry into the labour market entitled “Personal choices on the job market”.

Essentially, it is a programme supporting individual employment, which takes into account the special needs of the participant, stemming from his or her mental disorder, and which is managed by the participant him-/herself considering the personal rehabilitation process.

Finding of a training position and a job is supported individually. A personal application of the person, and his/her meeting the general criteria of the project’s target group (long-term unemployed) are sufficient for joining the programme. An individual co-operation agreement and action plan will be set up for a period of six month, which shall be extended, if necessary, for another six months. All activities of the projects are planned to be sustainable even after the close of the project.

The profile of the team implementing the project will be prepared in a balanced manner, relying on the medical, social, employment-related and experience-based competence of the person.

Measures offered under the programme are:

  • professional traineeship;
  • case management and mentoring;
  • job club.

During their participation in the programme the members of the target group are encouraged to:

  • be in regular contact with their treatment team (psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, therapist);
  • participate in the job club activities;
  • use the services of the EPRA advisory centres, i.a. advisory services offered by volunteering experience advisors.